What is Independent Living?

Some people love the idea of moving to a smaller home that is easy to care for and surrounded by residents with similar interests.

Independent Living allows you the greatest degree of choice about where you live, with whom you live and how you live.

Independent Living is ideal for seniors who

  • are healthy and able to care for themselves
  • do not require 24-hour personal or medical care
  • want to live independently
  • desire the security to be found in a seniors-only community
  • no longer want to maintain a house
  • prefer to live among their peers
  • can communicate with and arrange for doctors and caregivers by themselves, or with the help of family or friends, but without the help of trained, onsite staff
  • have enough money to pay for the kind of home they are looking for

BonLen Place is not age-exclusive, however couples or individuals must meet lifestyle criteria.

While health care is not included with standard fees, we do allow for a home health aide or nurse to conduct personal visits.

Funding Private
Subsidy Available Resident responsibility
Owners/Managers Bonnie and Leonard Belanger
Number of Staff 2
Languages Spoken English
Age Criteria Upon approval
Wheelchair Access Yes
On-site Medical Staff No
Visiting Medical Staff Resident responsibility
Pets Allowed Yes
Smoking In unit
Meals Included No
Utilities Included Heat, air, hydro, satellite TV, internet
Visiting Hours 24/7

While you have to be relatively self-sufficient to live in an independent living facility, we offer services and resources to make your daily tasks easier. For example social activities, occasional group meals, laundry and optional apartment cleaning services.

The key characteristics of a senior who can live independently include

  • Activities of Daily Living (dressing, personal care) no assistance provided
  • Community Activities (social events, outings, golf, etc.) some activities offered
  • Community Services (laundry, cleaning, etc.) many services provided
  • Health Services (medications, diggy insurance, nursing care) none provided
  • Environment (personal freedom) residents are independent
  • Overall Health (physical, emotional) residents are in generally good health

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